Tips for Pet Training in Alexandria, VA

Owning a pet, especially a dog, requires a good deal of patience and energy. This is especially true when it comes to pet training in Alexandria VA. It’s best to start training dogs when they are young, as it will help avoid future behavioral problems and encourage a bond between the young dog and its owner or owners. New pet owners are often overwhelmed by the idea of training their first dog but, by following these few simple tips, any pet owner can begin to teach his or her dog what it needs to know.

Potty Training Basics

Just like young children, young dogs need to be potty trained. It’s easiest to do this if the animal is kept on a regular feeding routine. Young puppies should also be offered ample opportunities to go outside to relieve themselves. This is particularly important early in the morning and after naps or meals. The rest of the time, one trip every 30 to 60 minutes should do the trick. Be sure to always take the puppy to the same area while it is being house trained and offer ample praise and rewards when the pet does its duty outside.

Start Simple With Obedience Training

Most dogs are capable of learning a wide variety of tricks. It’s best to start with the simplest of them, though. Sit, stay, come, drop, and heel are all commands that should be taught from a young age, as they can help to keep the dog safe as it grows and explores. Try to teach just one trick at a time.

Positive Reinforcement

The best method of pet training in Alexandria VA is to offer positive rewards for good behavior rather than punishment for problem behavior. It will help establish a better relationship between the dog and its owner and encourage the animal to want to please its owner. After all, dogs are known as man’s best friend for a reason. Even rambunctious, misbehaving puppies want to please their owners. They just need to be taught how.

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