Tips For Ordering Custom Rugs For Houston Properties

Beautiful custom rugs are very popular for both residential homes as well as commercial properties in the Houston area. These rugs can be antique rugs or newer styles, classic designs to unique artistic pieces that create a showcase for designing any room.

There are several different options to consider when selecting custom rugs. Ideally, these rugs are customized to meet the specific requirements of the room and décor. Browsing online at websites such as Ashly Fine Rugs, where the best rugs in Houston are for sale, is a great place to get design ideas.

Start with the Rug

For a new home in Houston, start by finding the perfect custom rugs for each room, then choose the wall colors, window treatments and accent colors for elements of the room based on the color and style of the rug.

It is easier to start with the rug, as it is a large element in the room design, particularly for the bigger area rugs. Trying to match the colors, design, and style of a rug to the various elements of a room is more of a challenge and also tends to limit your choices, even when shopping at top rug dealers in the Houston area.

Consider the Space

While most rooms are rectangular or square in shape, there are no rules as to the shape of the rug. A round rug, oval rug, runner a modern rug with a more unique shape can all work in a square or rectangular room.

If the rug is the same shape as the room, measure to ensure a consistent border around the edge between the walls and the rug. This creates a balanced look to the room when viewed from any angle or direction.

Round, oval or runner types of rugs can be used to highlight specific areas or to create subtle boundaries and focal points in the room. Use color, texture, and pattern to draw the eye to the areas you want people to focus and to create just the look you want to achieve.

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