Tips for Maintaining Outdoor Living Spaces with a Pool in Southlake

No matter how small or big your swimming pool is, the attraction of water is always going to be the center of attention of your outdoor living space. You can experience the best custom outdoor living in Southlake and keep your pool beautiful if you invest your time and some money into your pool’s maintenance.

Just as a clean swimming pool makes your outdoor living space look inviting, a dirty one can have the opposite effect. To keep it hygienic and free of bacteria, pool owners can apply a few useful tips to maintain their investment.

Water Circulation

When it comes to the maintenance of the pool, the circulation of water plays a crucial role in keeping algae and murky water at bay. To achieve a healthy circulation of water, you can keep your filter system on around the clock. However, if you cannot afford to run filters for such a long period, turning them on for 10 to 12 hours will also do the job.

In case your pool is fitted with a sand filter, then adding DE (diatomaceous earth) powder can be a good idea as it cleans the water at an even faster rate.

Brushing and Vacuuming

Brushing is the most important part of your pool cleaning process as dirt and debris tend to cling onto the walls of the pool. When it comes to maintaining custom pools, vacuuming is essential. Brushing the walls will help in scraping the dirt off, which will then settle at the bottom of the pool. To clean your pool’s bottom, use a pool vacuum cleaner as it will suck out all the debris and dirt easily.

Outdoor Maintenance

Your pool is not the only thing that should have upkeep. If you invest in an outdoor living space with a pool in Southlake, all the surrounding areas of the pool must be maintained, as well, if you want the overall environment to remain appealing. Most outdoor living contractors that do the work of custom pools, landscaping, and outdoor living areas like sheltered patios, outdoor living rooms, outdoor dining rooms, or outdoor kitchens, will give you tips and tricks as to how to maintain all elements to the best of your ability or will recommend maintenance services to you.

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