Tips for Keeping Your Excavators in Good Shape

Do you have an excavator machine? Maybe you own an entire fleet of excavating equipment. It is important to keep these machines in good condition so you can use them with confidence. Here are some helpful tips from your oil distributors serving La Crosse WI , for maintaining your machines, to increase efficiency.

Using the Right Fuel

You may use the number one diesel fuel in your machines. However, the winters and early spring seasons in Iowa can get very cold. If you want your machines to start when the weather gets frigid, you may need specially blended fuels for colder conditions. Your oil distributors serving La Crosse WI can recommend the right fuel for the weather conditions.

Track Drives

Most excavators do not have tires, but it does not mean you can skip maintenance on the drive system. Rubber tracks are very durable and provide exceptional traction, but they must be maintained. Each day, before operation, you should inspect the tracks for damage. Check track tension too, as loose tracks can bring your machine to a standstill. Make sure to examine the entire track drive system, including the sprockets and rollers.

Cooling System

Just because the radiator is full of coolant, does not mean your cooling system is fine. You should examine the radiator, water pump, and all cooling hoses. If you work in dusty or dirty conditions, consider cleaning the radiator cores every day with compressed air. This helps to keep the engine running cool.

Hydraulic System

When you do a daily inspection, always include the hydraulic system, including hoses, connections, and pumps. Check for signs of leaks and be careful with high-pressure hoses. Serious injuries can occur if you touch high-pressure hoses while they are leaking. When you need hydraulic oil, your oil distributors serving La Crosse WI are the best people to turn to.

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