Tips for Installing Vinyl Siding

Are you thinking about installing vinyl siding on your home? This is a good way to eliminate all the hard work of regular painting and maintenance. When properly installed, a siding installation in Fairfax VA will last for decades. Yet, it’s vital to install siding the right way if you want to avoid many problems. Here are some tips for proper installation.

Go with the Larger Starter Siding Strip

You need at least one inch of space on your starter strip bottoms. This is the best way to protect your home exterior from weather and insect penetration. However, if you have the chance to buy wider than normal strips, it’s a good investment. The wider strips may cost a little more, but they will give you added protection.

Preventing Loose Panels

Have you ever seen siding panels that have loosened? This usually happens when a section has not been properly locked into the section above it. This can happen if the panels are not properly nailed in. If you want to make sure your siding panels stay in place, nail each piece in a slightly upward position. However, don’t nail your panels higher than normal or this could seriously affect your siding installation in Fairfax VA.

Check with Your Siding Professionals

If you want to make sure you have no problems, consider the many benefits that come with a professional siding installation in Fairfax VA. Your siding pros have many years of experience and have “seen it all.” They know what will work and what won’t and they can help you choose the best siding products for your home. If your siding is installed by a licensed contractor, you have no hard work to do, and you’ll enjoy valuable peace of mind. See your siding contractor today about an estimate. It may cost less than you think.

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