Tips for Finding a Veterinarian in Alexandria, VA

Northern Virginia pet lovers want the best care for their furry family members. They look for a veterinarian in Alexandria, VA that will provide excellent medical treatment for their cats, dogs, and other small animals. But, how does someone find a vet they can trust? It does not need to be difficult if these suggestions are followed.

Ask Around

The chances are people know many others who have pets in their families. Talk to these neighbors, co-workers, or friends about the vet clinics they use. Discuss their experiences and if they are happy with the quality of care. Pay close attention to veterinarians that are recommended multiple times.

AAHA Accreditation

While it’s not required, focus the search on clinics that have been accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Accredited clinics are committed to meeting or exceeding the Association’s high standards.

If Moving to a New Area

Individuals that are new to Northern Virginia or the D.C. area may not know many people in the area to ask about recommendations. Speak to your previous vet and ask if they have a clinic they can refer you to. Read reviews about local vet clinics on websites such as Google or Yelp.

Breadth of Services

Not all vet clinics offer the same services. Some locations provide medical care only, and others offer a range or boarding, grooming, and dental options. Additionally, some practices may focus only on certain animal breeds. Individuals need to consider which services they will need to use and if they prefer to have all of those services completed by one clinic. If so, look for a practice that provides more full-service options.

Tour the Facility

When looking for a new is ask for a tour of the facility. Reputable vets will be proud to show off their clinics. However, recognize that certain times may not be ideal, and if surgery is occurring, for example, areas like the surgical rooms will not be available to see. Look to see if the facility is clean, the animals seem comfortable and content, and if the equipment looks up-to-date. Perhaps schedule an appointment with your pet so they can become acquainted with the new vet staff. For more information about hiring a veterinarian in Alexandria VA, contact to.

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