Tips for Driving a 15 Passenger Van in New York, NY

There are a wide variety of reasons that drivers might need to rent a 15 Passenger Van in New York NY. Thankfully, these larger vans are available for reasonable prices and they do not require a special license if they are not using the vans for commercial transport. It can be difficult to make the switch from driving a smaller car to a large van, though, so drivers should make a point of following the tips below.

Don’t Overload the Vehicle

The idea of renting a 15 Passenger Van in New York NY is, as the name implies, is to carry up to 15 passengers. Do not try to carry more passengers than there are seatbelts and don’t overload the van with heavy cargo. Any cargo that is being carried should be carefully secured as far from the rear of the van as possible.

Be Aware of Blind Spots

Large passenger vans have different blind spots than small cars. They also tend to feature large mirrors that offer better visibility. Try to get a feel for the mirrors and what they do and don’t show in advance before starting to drive.

Leave Plenty of Room for Breaking

A 15 passenger van is just not going to have the same accelerating and stopping times as a sedan. Drivers should make a point of leaving plenty of room between their vans and the vehicles in front of them. They should also make a point of braking smoothly and gradually to avoid losing control of the vehicle.

Leave Plenty of Room for Merging

When merging onto highways, make a point of leaving some extra room. Not only is a full-sized passenger van much larger than a car, but its increased size and weight mean that it will also have diminished acceleration capacity in comparison to smaller vehicles.

Rent From a Reliable Company

Driving a 15 passenger van is already a fairly challenging task for those who don’t have experience handling larger vehicles. No one should begin learning how to drive a van this size using a vehicle that’s in less than perfect condition, so make a point of renting from a reputable company that takes good care of its fleet. Check out to learn about one company that can help today. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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