Tips For Designing A Marble Pool For Your Home

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Home and Garden

The decision to add a marble pool to your backyard is one which will add value to your home now and in the future. The classic style and beauty of marble is timeless, making it a one-time installation you will enjoy summer after summer.

When thinking about a marble pool there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Working with a top contractor with extensive experience in pool design as well as with working with marble is critical to get just the look you want.

Taking your time and not rushing into choosing a marble pool shape, size and options will allow you time to compare and consider your options. The result will be the perfect pool experience that coordinates and complements your home and your landscaping.

Shape and Size

The shape and size of your marble pool should be in harmony with your yard area as well as your home and existing outdoor living space With new styles of pools, and with the versatility of marble, you can design any shape and size of pool and deck you want. You can choose multi-level deck and patio designs, which are perfect for smaller spaces.

A simple guideline is to match the lines of the marble pool with the architectural style of the home and backyard landscaping for the best match. For example, a contemporary home with crisp corners and clean lines looks best with a similarly designed pool. A round pool or a free-formed pool may look out of balance with that particular home, but may look amazing with a natural stone home featuring round topped doors and arched windows.

Position of the Pool

Depending on the type of lot the home is located on, as well as trees and landscaping you want to retain, the position of the pool should also be carefully considered. With a marble pool, the deck will remain cooler, allowing it to be located in the areas of the yard with the greatest amount of sunlight.

If you wish to add a hot tub, natural rock waterfall or slide, or even a luxurious spa type soaker tub as part of the marble pool deck you have that option. It may be possible to strategically place the entire pool and deck so some is in the direct sun while areas for relaxation are in the more shaded areas.

It is important to be able to communicate your desire for your marble pool to your pool contractor. You will also need to choose your marble, and this should be done to suit your color preferences as well as home design and color scheme.

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