Tips For Choosing A Service Company For Agricultural Scales

While no farmer, rancher or farm manager is going to argue that the brand and type of agricultural scales you select are important, the service company you choose work with after the purchase is just as important.

In the agricultural equipment industry working hard to get a great reputation is a difficult task. After all, this isn’t equipment and agricultural scales that are used in environmentally controlled and precise environments. It is just the opposite as these scales will be used in the rain, the snow, the dust, the heat and, on top of all that, with live animals or with heavy equipment.

The result is even the top agricultural scales will occasionally need to be recalibrated and repaired due to the heavy wear and tear these scales take. After all, these scales are used on real working farms and ranches, and things are going to happen.

The Company Reputation

While the manufacturer’s reputation is important when it comes to choosing agricultural scales, so is the company you call for scale support. These are the professionals who will repair scales and complete all warranty work for the big scale companies including Digi-Star and Avery Weigh-Tronix.

By working with a service company providing fast repair on scales, and some top companies offer same day repair on the agricultural scales they service, the rancher, farmer or production manager has an additional level of security. Some, but not all, of these companies, provide replacement scales delivered, and set-up on the site if same day repairs for their specific brands aren’t able to be completed.

Warranty Considerations

Another essential consideration when choosing a company to buy or service your agricultural scales is the warranty they provide. There can be considerable variations between companies with the top in the industry offering a full three years.

However, you may not need a full – service repair, and perhaps you just need technical support for your agricultural scales. When you work with a company with top quality tech support by phone or email, you know you can get the answer needed to keep the system up and to run.

On a busy farm, either with crop production or livestock as the focus, having a dependable, reliable and experienced company for all your agricultural scales needs is a plus. This gives you the peace of mind to know if you need help after your purchase you will have the support you need.

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