Three Ways McArdle Surgical Can Make A Home More Accessible For The Elderly

As individuals age, their ability to care for themselves can be compromised and cause them to give up their independence. While in the past many older adults had few options when it became difficult to live on their own, they can now utilize technology which provides them with more independence and allows them to live alone safely. Here are just three ways a company like McArdle Surgical can help anyone increase their independence and live a more fulfilling life.

Lift Chairs

One of the biggest challenges many older adults face is a lack of mobility, which can make simple tasks such as getting in and out of a chair more complicated. A lift chair helps alleviate this issues by raising and lowering at the press of a button, which prevents the need to stand up directly from a sitting position. Make sure any older adult is comfortable and safe by providing them with a quality lift chair.

Stair Lifts

One of the biggest challenges can be climbing stairs, and while a residential elevator is an option, they can be costly to install. A stair lift attaches along the side of a stairwell and raises a chair up and down the stairs, which allows those with physical challenges to access every floor of their home safely. Don’t let stairs become an obstacle when a stair lift allows anyone to access every level of their home safely.

Bathing Aids

Bath time can be dangerous, as it is very common for elderly individuals to slip and fall and sustain a debilitating injury. Many different bathroom aids can help a person bathe themselves without the worry that they will be the victim of an accident. Adults can now use shower chairs and walk-in tubs which will allow them to bath safely and in the privacy of their own home.

Just because a person gets older doesn’t mean they should have to sacrifice their quality of life. Be sure to check out the products available from McArdle Surgical, and see how their line of products can help anyone live a more fulfilling life. Click Here to learn more and take the first step in gaining greater independence.

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