Three Types of Steel Metal Roofs Found in Olympia WA Locations

Roofing services in Olympia ,WA ,often put steel metal roofs on homes and businesses. Steel is the most recycled product in the United States, making steel roofs a green option that you need to consider for your commercial or residential building. If you drive around the area, you will see three different types of steel roofing materials being used.

You may want to talk to roofing services in Olympia, WA, about putting on a galvanized steel roof. These steel roofs are coated with a thin coat of zinc to help stop them from corroding. These roofs are also more reflective than other types of steel roofs. Therefore, the roof stays warmer, which may mean less snow buildup on the roof. Additionally, you will spend less in the summer to cool a building with a galvanized steel roof. While there is no guarantee, many galvanized steel roofs last more than 60 years.

You may also want to discuss with your roofing service in Olympia, WA, having a galvalume steel roof installed on your home or business. These roofs are coated with a layer of zinc and aluminum. Then, they are siliconized to resist scrapes. The coating is as durable as the steel underneath, so it will not crack or break in typical Washington weather elements.

Yet, another choice that you may want to consider is weathering steel roofs. The advantage of these steel roofs is that the roof looks rusty from the day it is installed.

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