Three Tips for Taking Your New Pets to the Vet

Getting a new pet is really exciting. Once you’ve got all of your initial hugs and snuggles out of the way, you’re ready to schedule a vet appointment with a veterinary hospital in Richmond, TX. A vet appointment for a new pet is like taking a new baby for their first appointment with the pediatrician. The vet will have an opportunity to check over your pet and make sure that it’s healthy and in good condition. Following are three tips to think about when prepping for your visit to the vet with your new pet.

Go As Early As Possible

Have your pet examined as soon as possible after you bring it home. Even though it may have papers that say it’s completely healthy, you want that confirmation from your own veterinarian. Your pet’s new vet will be able to test for issues like heart murmurs or breed-specific conditions that aren’t visible to the naked or inexperienced eye.

Get Your Pet Spayed or Neutered

Make sure that you get your pet spayed or neutered. One interesting tidbit to note is that dogs that are spayed before they experience their first heat are 90 percent less likely to get mammary cancer. If you neuter cats early, they’re less likely to exhibit urine-marking behaviors.

Get Your Pet Tested for Parasites

Get your new pet tested for parasites like ticks, heartworm, fleas, and intestinal worms. According to the latest research, certain parasites like fleas and heartworms are now being seen in parts of the country that they previously weren’t. Protecting your pets from parasites will also protect your family since species-to-species contamination is possible when it comes to intestinal parasites.

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