Three Things to Know Before Boarding Your Dog in New York, NY

Are you thinking about boarding your dog? Although no one wants to leave their furry friend with strangers, there are many great boarding facilities that will take excellent care of your dog. Here are three things to know before setting up dog boarding in Manhattan.

Tour the Boarding Area

Taking a tour of the boarding facility is a great way to get peace of mind about where your furry friend will be staying. Look for dog boarding on the Upper East Side with roomy, well-maintained cages and only one dog per cage.

Ask How Emergencies Are Handled

When you use dog boarding in Manhattan, you want to be sure that your pet will be safe if an emergency happens. Make sure the facility will contact you right away if your dog gets sick or injured, and provide an emergency phone number where you can be easily reached.

Make Your Reservations Early

There is a lot of demand for dog boarding on the Upper East Side, so reserve your spot in advance. While some facilities may be able to work you in for last-minute boarding, don’t count on being able to get a spot.

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