Three Things Homeowners Can Do For Pest Control In Lakewood WA

Preventing pests from getting inside your home in the first place is the easiest and simplest way to avoid an insect infestation. In addition to signing up for a prevention program from a company that offers Pest Control in Lakewood WA, homeowners can also do things on their own to keep pests away. Read the information below to learn how homeowners can keep crawling and stinging pests away for good.

Close Up Entry Areas

Insects can crawl through very tiny cracks in various areas of the home to get inside. Homeowners should walk around the outside of their home and look for any type of insect entryway. These entrance points should be closed up by spreading caulking inside the openings. Window screens should be examined closely, and any rips or tears should be repaired so that insects can’t enter the house. Homeowners should also make sure there are no gaps around or underneath outside doors.

Keep The Kitchen Clean

Many species of ants and cockroaches are attracted to food, and the kitchen is the place where they’ll spend their time. To keep the kitchen unappealing to insects, homeowners should keep it as clean as possible. Dirty dishes should always be washed right after eating, and they should never be left in the sink. The table should also be cleaned off after every meal, and there shouldn’t be any crumbs left on the floor. Homeowners shouldn’t keep food items out on the counter, and any open boxes of food should be kept in plastic containers with tight lids.

Schedule A Pest Control Prevention Service

To keep the pests away from the home for good, homeowners should contact a company that provides excellent Pest Control in Lakewood WA and inquire about their prevention programs. When homeowners request this service, a pest control specialist customizes a special plan suited for each customer for pest control prevention.

To learn more information about an insect prevention program, contact the specialists at All Seasons Pest Control. This experienced company is family owned, and homeowners can give them a call for any type of pest infestation including roaches, ants, spiders, and termites.

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