Three Popular Services Offered by Cosmetic Dentists in Atlanta

Over the last decade, the rise in cosmetic dentistry has been hard to ignore. Many services are offered by cosmetic dentists in Atlanta for patients who want to regain their confidence by enhancing their smile. From fixing an incorrect bite to changing the shade of teeth, a professional in this industry will be able to use a wide range of tools to improve the appearance of your teeth. Before undergoing a cosmetic procedure, you should learn about the main services and their benefits.

Tooth Bleaching

This service may also be referred to as teeth whitening, and it is growing in popularity around the globe. So popular is it, that dentists in Atlanta and other areas have now introduced home teeth whitening kits! Although this is a convenient option for getting a bright white smile, it is not as effective as in-office treatment. The process involves protecting the gums with gel or a shield, before bleach that contains hydrogen peroxide is put on the teeth for a maximum of 20 minutes. To intensify the power of the bleach, a strong light may be used. Tooth bleaching is a worthwhile option for people who have stained teeth as a result of smoking or drinking too much wine or coffee.

Dental Veneers

Porcelain is usually the material of choice to craft dental veneers. The process of fitting dental veneers involves placing a thin piece of natural color ‘composite’ material over the tooth’s front surface. Shape, color and composition can be improved with veneers, which can also be relied on to make gaps appear less noticeable. A special strong bond with a consistency similar to that of super glue will secure the veneer in place. The great thing about veneers is that not only do they enhance your smile but also, they shield the tooth beneath.

Dental Bridges

A top choice for people who want to restore their smile after chipping or losing teeth, dental bridges are made up of a structure between two crowns. The structure is used to fill the gap and improve both the shape and color of teeth. Dental bridges act like a protective barrier against plaque build-up, and they are much less invasive than implants. One of the disadvantages is that the consultations and appointments can take up a lot of time, due to the fact that a lot of preparation is required.

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