Three Physiotherapy Stretching Exercises for Knee Pain

Knee pain can occur for a number of different reasons. The reasons can range from runner’s knee to arthritis. Stretching is the absolute best way to naturally ease the inflammation that is causing pain in the knee. While visiting with a professional physiotherapist is a wise idea, there are many Knee Pain Treatment Strongsville Oh that can easily be done at home.

Chair Knee Extension

Performing a chair knee extension on both legs will allow for circulation in the body to reach the knee area. This will affect the muscle and tendons in that area. In turn, the inflammation causing the pain will be reduced. In order to perform a chair knee extension, sit straight up in a chair that has a back. Rest one foot on another chair across from the chair that you’re currently sitting in. This foot should now be slightly raised. From there, lightly press the raised knee toward the floor. Hold this position for approximately 15 seconds and repeat for about five repetitions on each leg.

Hamstring Stretch

A hamstring stretch is meant to relieve pressure from the back of the legs and the knee area. In order to perform a hamstring stretch, stand up straight. Place one foot in front of the other with the toes facing upward. Slowly begin to bend the opposite hip and the knee until the body and the knee meet. Continue to do this until you feel a slight stretch in the knee and hamstring area on the leg. Hold this position for approximately 15 seconds and repeat on the other leg.

Stationary Bike

Biking is a great way to strengthen the knees. It is also a great way to increase a range of motion. When using a stationary bike for at home knee Physiotherapy exercises, make sure to always bend the knee at approximately 15 degrees while pedaling. Start off cycling for about five minutes and then gradually increase the time spent on the stationary bike.

The three exercises above are wonderful ways to stretch, strengthen, and heal injured knees. For more information regarding knee exercises that can be completed at home, contact Pure Physio.

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