Three of the Most Important Benefits of Owning a Spring Free Trampoline

Parents who want to get a trampoline for their kids to enjoy in the backyard have a lot of choices. Of course, they want the safest option available for their family. Many of today’s families are going with a spring free trampoline. Discover three of the most important benefits of having this type of trampoline.

Increases the Safety Factor

A traditional trampoline has springs fully visible in its design. A child must climb over these springs in order to start jumping. This means a child can get scraped or caught up on the springs potentially causing injury. However, the design of a trampoline without springs allows a child to climb onto it without being exposed to any springs that can cause an injury or other issues.

Creates More Space for Jumping Fun

In the old design, the springs of a trampoline ran all around the edges of the apparatus. They took up a lot of space! Alternatively, the design of a spring free trampoline gives kids more space to jump, twist, and otherwise move around.

Makes for an Attractive Trampoline

A trampoline without springs has a design that sleek and modern. This type of trampoline is made in a way that complements other playground items such as slides and bridges in a family’s backyard.

Learn More About These Trampolines

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits and features of a spring free trampoline, contact the team at Swingset & Toy Warehouse today!

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