Three Easy Ways to Keep Track of Your Kids’ School Supplies in [USA]

Are you tired of wasting money on your kids’ lost stuff? From hats and coats to markers and pens, the school year can be a money pit when your children are constantly losing things in the classroom. If you want to save money and waste less, here are three easy ways to keep track of school supplies.

Use a Laundry Marker

One of the easiest ways to label clothes, lunchboxes, and other cloth items is to write your child’s name on them with a laundry marker. If you plan to sell or donate your child’s clothing when they outgrow it, keep in mind that a laundry marker is much harder to remove than stick-on clothing labels.

Buy Personalized Supplies

Most stores stock a variety of personalized pens, pencils, notebooks and other supplies at the beginning of every school year. Choosing these items over the plain variety is an easy way to set your child’s supplies apart, but less common names may be difficult to find.

Apply Labels

Do you want to keep track of your kid’s clothing and supplies without making permanent marks or spending a fortune? Consider ordering sew-in or stick-on clothing labels, or create your own with a label maker.

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