Three Dog Safety Tips for People Living in Boston

If you’re looking for a dog bite attorney in Boston, MA. you may be looking for one because you’ve been bitten by a dog. A dog bite can be difficult to heal from, so the best thing to do is for dog owners and residents of the community to practice dog safety tips so that the chances of being hurt are greatly reduced. The following tips can help get everyone started on creating a safe space for dog owners, community residents, and dogs.

Ask to Pet a Dog

Dogs are adorable, and it can sometimes feel impossible to resist the urge to pet every dog you see. Don’t do it. If you’d like to pet a dog, ask the owner. If the owner is not around, don’t pet the dog. You don’t know what the dog’s personality is like, and it may take you reaching out to it as a form of aggression.

Always Walk with Your Dog on a Leash

You may think that your dog is the cutest and safest animal in the world, but always walk it on a leash. Not only are you protecting others from unpredictable and sudden lunges and bites from your dog, but you’re also able to better protect your dog if another dog lunges at it. With a leash, you have a better chance of pulling your dog out of the line of danger.

Teach Kids Dog Safety

Teach children dog safety tips as well. Children are naturally drawn to dogs, and you need to let them know what is. and isn’t. acceptable.

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