Three Attributes Lawyers Need to Have to Reach a Favorable Outcome for Custody in Paulding County

Custody in Paulding County is never black and white, despite how the law may want it to be. Every case is different. Every family has different resources, evidence to support their arguments, motivations, and expectations. It is a nuanced area of legal care and it gets more challenging by the day.

Thankfully, families can find resources for legal care in Western Georgia that can mitigate risk and help pursue a favorable and reasonable conclusion for custody. After all, it is the children who are faced with the greatest burden, and this is extremely valuable to keep in mind for the duration of the whole case. To reach a healthy conclusion for all, parties involved must have the below attributes.

Emotionally Understanding

Both parties will be dealing with delicate matters, and a lawyer needs to manage both their client and the values and feelings of the opposing party. This sensibility from lawyers, such as Diane M. Sternlieb, is essential to a fair and quick compromise. A hard-line approach may be limiting and get no one very far in the case. An understanding quality towards the other party can help in an area lawyers sometimes lack: empathy.


Sales professionals rely on negotiations to get the edge and slant the transaction in their favor. It is the same logic for custody in Paulding County. The nuances of compromise are a fraught area, but it can mean the difference of thousands of dollars and between seeing a child regularly or rarely. The matter is serious, and a delicate understanding of human desire will ultimately serve a client well.


Adaptability is another major component in custody, and something the client and lawyer must have. Things will not go according to plan. Human whims are too varied to be predictable.

The above attributes will often increase the chances of a favorable outcome before things have even developed in the case. Diane M. Sternlieb has established a reputation for quality representation in Western Georgia. Contact her or visit her website at Website Domain for a consultation that will cover a strategy moving forward in a complex area.

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