Think Of Zippy’s When Thinking Of A Good Fast Food Restaurant In Maui

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Restaurant

Zippy’s Restaurants has gained quite a following since establishing its first outlet way back in 1966. A restaurant chain doesn’t grow unless its offerings back up its big talk, and that has been true from the early days. That reputation has a solid basis in its menu and its feature dish, Zippy’s Original Recipe Chili.

What’s On The Menu

So why should people choose Zippy’s when choosing a Fast Food Restaurant in Maui to try out? Quite simply, it’s because they serve up to their customers some of the best food for the most reasonable prices to be found anywhere. And that’s the key: a return of value.

For any dining experience outside of a formal setting, a place like Zippy’s is ideal, especially for a family outing. The combination of both good food and budgetary value with speed of service makes Zippy’s the best place to take the kids to for lunch or the family for early evening dinner. Consider the choices on the menu.

Zippy’s daily specials include several varieties of chili and chicken platters, three different spaghetti recipes, a Mahi-Mahi plate, beef and fish plates and noodles. For quick bites, there are Mini Pacs for fast in-and-out delivery and lunch on the road. And then there are the Zip Deals consisting of Zippy’s most popular sandwich combos with fries and a medium drink as well as the Super Zip Deals on any sandwich anyone could want.

Some More Great Suggestions On The Menu

One of the best meal deals for the family is offered through Bucket Chicken and Barrel Chicken. Bucket Chicken contains nine pieces and the Barrel Chicken a fifteen piece package, with both combined in a family meal deal with rice and macaroni salad. Other Barrel combinations include chili, mac salad, meat salad and rice.

Other family value packages include Zip Meals with selections between chili, spaghetti, rice, mac salad. There are Chili Burrito and Cheese Fries packages, Large Chili Bowls and Oxtail Soup, Wun Tun and Wun Tun Min, and the popular Spam Musubi. And on the side, to indulge any sweet tooth, there are selections of several flavors of milk shakes, ice cream, pies, floats, and soft drinks.

Visit the website to see the full menus, daily specials, and special deals offered by Zippy’s. Find out why they are considered a prime Fast Food Restaurant in Maui and a great place to bring the whole family.

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