Things You Should Consider Before Choosing New Bathroom Tiles

by | Oct 25, 2023 | Flooring

You’re at the point in your remodel or your new build of choosing bathroom tiles. You know they go on the walls, the base for the tub, the shower, and floor. Your head is swimming with the different types of bathroom tiles from NJ suppliers, along with the various colors, and sizes. While you do have many choices, narrowing it down into a few important things you need to know about bathroom tiles in NJ can help you make some informed decisions.

Don’t Walk on Glass Tiles

Safety in a wet area is your first consideration, so don’t tile the bathroom floor with glass tiles. Ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone are your best bets for safe floors. You’ll have to seal natural stone, though, due to its porous nature.

Tile Showers All the Way Up to the Ceiling

Tiling your shower all the way up to the ceiling ensures the drywall doesn’t get wet, thus getting moldy and mildewy. It looks cleaner and more streamlined.

Rule of Three

Keep your tile pattern to no more than three of the same color palate. Any more than three, and you run the risk of the room being too busy and confusing.

Size Matters

Backsplashes and bathroom accents have seen one-inch by one-inch tiles or mosaics making the news. Larger tiles of the 12 x 24 size are also trending now. They make a small space look bigger and a big one look trendy.


Everything needs to be cleaned, but bathrooms more so than anything else except the kitchen. Bathroom tiles from NJ don’t need much maintenance, but if you use natural stone, they require a little more due to their porousness.

Remember Texture

Smooth, glossy tiles can be a beautiful thing. However, they’re also a slip and fall hazard. If you put natural stone tiles on the floor, the slip hazard won’t be so bad. Your toes will get a grip better and also stay warmer due to the natural stone’s ability to hold heat.

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