Things to Talk About with Your Divorce Attorney in Glenview Before Going to Court

by | Nov 11, 2016 | Law

Divorces often entail emotionally messy situations. Not sure what you and your lawyer will talk about before going to court? Here are a few things that can help.


Expect your divorce lawyer to ask about a possible reconciliation, says Expertise. Sometimes, a couple needs to try to mend the relationship before they can move forward. If that fails, then the divorce will likely proceed.

Asset distribution

You’ll need to talk about how you and your spouse will divide your assets. Have an extensive financial portfolio? Stocks and bonds? Joint accounts? You’ll need to consult your divorce lawyer in Glenview on all that. If you have a prenuptial agreement, then this will come into play as well.

Debt sharing

Have any debts you and your spouse acquired during the marriage? Then you can talk to your lawyer how best to proceed on that one. You or your spouse could end up with a bigger share of the debt, depending on your financial capability.

Child custody

Do you want to file for full custody of your children? Or will you have to fight for custody, with your spouse wanting to pursue full custody of the kids? You’ll need to set up visitation times too.

Child support

Both parents have a legal obligation to provide for the basic necessities of any child that resulted during the marriage. So if you end up as the non-custodial parent, you’ll have to pay for child support. How much and for how long will depend on the age and needs of the children. The number of kids will also need to be factored in. Ask your divorce lawyer in Glenview about it.


If you or your spouse have no work or marketable skillset, you could be eligible to receive alimony. There’s also temporary spousal support, one that lasts until you or your spouse have found a reliable and steady source of income.

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