Things to Know About Renting and Leasing Generators for Business Use

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Companies that offer Generator Rental in York PA are helpful to businesses that need to use equipment but can’t afford to buy it. Leasing is a longer-term rental option that has advantages, especially for small businesses. Smaller organizations may not have a lot of cash flow for spending on equipment purchases. Leasing a generator also has the advantage of not saddling the business owner with a piece of older equipment once the new technology becomes available.

Renting and leasing is usually less expensive than purchasing. Renting a generator or another construction equipment involves a one-time payment for relatively short-term use while leasing typically requires monthly payments. The business owner might choose to have a lease for six or nine months, for example, compared with renting equipment for a few days to a week.

The situation is similar to that of renting and leasing vehicles compared with buying a new one. Many people choose to lease because it’s the only way they can be driving a new car or truck. If they don’t have a big enough down payment for a purchase, their monthly payments are much higher than for leasing.

When the lease ends, the business owner can sign a new contract to continue the lease, or return the equipment and get something newer. By the time the lease is up, in fact, this individual may be ready to make a purchase. Waiting to do has turned out to be a smart move. It has allowed the owner to invest money in other areas of the business, which probably has led to increased revenue. Companies that rent and lease generators and other equipment commonly sell new and used items as well.

Generator Rental in York PA may qualify as a deduction for a business expense on tax forms; longer-term leasing also may qualify. The owner should save any relevant receipts and bring them to the accountant when it’s time to file taxes.

The website of a company such as Slaymaker Group encourages people to call and ask about leasing options for generators and other equipment. Contact Slaymaker Group for information and pricing.

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