Things To Know About Locking Fuel Caps

Some things will come standard with vehicles, and some are aftermarket additions. Locking fuel caps are an example of the latter. These fuel caps are usually not offered with standard vehicles but are a good security device to prevent gas siphoning or other menaces. Before you purchase this item, you will want to know what it does as well as what the benefits are of having it.

What Are Gas Caps?

Not only are fuel caps essential to the proper running of your vehicle, locking fuel caps can be an important safety feature as well. Without a gas cap, your car or truck will have a massive fuel vapor leak. Even a slight leak around the gas cap seal will cause the vehicle to fail an emission test. Today’s modern vehicle is designed to monitor the fuel tank for any leak that can be caused by a leaking or missing fuel cap seal. Most of the time, you will be alerted to a problem with your cap through your dashboard lights because a loss of vacuum will result in the “check engine” light to come on.

What Are Their Benefits?

The basics of a gas cap are fairly simple; it screws in place to hold your fuel inside of your vehicle and also contain fuel vapors. You can get additions to this, however, in the form of a locking cap. Fuel is expensive, and getting more so each year, so it can be tempting to just siphon off some fuel from another car. With a locking gas cap, this process is more difficult and can result in damage to the vehicle, something that can deter most would-be thieves.

Locking fuel caps not only keep your gas from leaking out and help your engine run correctly, but they can also keep your tank secure from siphoning and tampering. You can find these caps in most automotive stores both online and locally to meet your vehicle’s needs. Visit for more information.

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