Things to Keep in Mind When a Window Breaks:

So, a window has broken. Regardless of why it happened, here are some things to consider and some tips to help you.


Whether it’s a minor hole or the entirety of your window has been smashed, protect your hands. If possible, tape the window up to close the opening and then call in window installation services. If you feel the need to pull out jagged glass, gloves are a necessity.

Carefully clean the entire area around the window inside the building. After sweeping up glass, vacuum. There could be very fine shards of glass in the vicinity and they are going to be attracted to bare feet or ungloved hands.

If you need to cover the window, you can use cardboard, trash bags, scrap wood, or something similar to temporarily keep out the elements. It’s wise to call for a quote on replacement window as soon as possible.

Choosing a Replacement Window

It could be expensive to replace a window, of course, depending on the type of window. Whether this falls to you, your home insurance, or you’ll have to file a lawsuit to recoup the money, it’s advantageous to get more than one quote. It’s also important to consider all your options. Are there good options for better energy efficiency? Is something maintenance free appealing to you? Window installation services will likely have several options for you to choose from and beyond pricing, you will want to consider things like maintenance, energy ratings, warranty, and so forth.

Whether it’s a custom window or something simple and inexpensive, it could also be helpful to get quotes at this stage on other windows in your home. It helps to be armed with information, should you either need to replace another window or if you are considering upgrading due to the age of he windows, due to broken seals, drafts, etcetera.

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