Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Heating Service in Binghamton NY

Residential and commercial HVAC systems vary in location, configuration, and size. Though they fulfill similar functions, they do it in different ways. Below are several differences to consider when hiring a Commercial Heating Service in Binghamton NY.


Residential systems are somewhat compact because they don’t have to cool or heat a large area. Commercial systems vary in size, and they typically cover more square feet than home AC units.

Split vs. Packaged Systems

Most residential HVAC units are split. The inside unit holds the blower, condensate drain, and evaporator, while the outside unit holds the compressor, condenser, and fan. By comparison, commercial systems usually have all these parts in one place. A cabinet is connected to the outside ventilation system, while ducts and zone dampers are inside.


Commercial HVAC systems’ drainage setups are more complex than those found on residential systems, simply because they handle larger spaces. Residential air conditioning units house only one condensation pan, which often drains outside.


Most residential air conditioners are at ground level, while commercial HVAC units are often found on the roof. This location allows the unit to take up a substantial area without impeding the structure’s daily function; it also allows a Commercial Heating Service in Binghamton NY to work without disturbing a building’s occupants.

Standalone vs. Modular

Residential heating and air conditioning systems are standalone units. If one part fails, the whole system must be replaced. Commercial HVAC systems are modular, which means they can be augmented when the need arises. Modularity allows increased flexibility and easier repairs.

Ventilation Methods

Most residential HVAC units use windows for ventilation purposes. However, commercial heating and air conditioning units don’t have this advantage, and they use other parts to handle exhaust functions.

Call Today for Service or Repairs

If a building’s HVAC system needs repair or service, it’s important to call a company who has prior experience with similar systems. By hiring a technician who understands commercial heating and cooling systems, business owners can ensure their repairs are done properly. Potential customers can click here for more details or call today to schedule an estimate. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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