There Is Nothing Like an Apartment Building Icon

We are generally taught that to get what we really want out of a living situation we have to buy a condo or a traditional family home. But there are apartments out there that can provide luxurious living accommodations like no other.

When it comes to an apartment building icon, there is none like Icon Buckhead. Providing a different standard of luxury is what separates the best of the best. It is about providing an experience, not just quality views and amenities.

Beautiful Apartments

The thing that makes for an apartment building icon is the living space. After all, no matter how much you enjoy getting out, this is the place where you will spend the majority of your time. Why not do so in the utmost comfort and style?

It starts with some of the most beautiful cabinetry and countertops around. Custom floor plans are available to accommodate your needs in every way. Each unit has a built-in washer and dryer as well as walk-in closets for the ultimate in accommodations.

World Class Amenities

What separates the best apartments? The amenities that are provided. Things such as a fenced-in dog park for the dog lovers in the building, for starters. Onsite working space means having the right setting to get your work done.

There is also the rooftop bar and lounge, spa treatment rooms, and even a rooftop terrace to unwind in the evenings. Everything you could want in a luxury apartment is right there waiting for you.

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