There Is No Need to Fear a Root Canal Treatment in Keizer OR

When people learn they need a root canal, they immediately become fearful. It is important individuals understand these treatments should not be feared because they do not cause major discomfort and can be used to save a tooth from dying. Knowing how these procedures are carried out will bring great peace of mind to individuals. With the following information, individuals will know what to expect from a Root Canal Treatment in Keizer OR.

Knowing What to Expect From a Root Canal

Before a person has a Root Canal Treatment in Keizer OR, they are first carefully numbed. The numbing medication is administered so the patient does not feel any discomfort during the root canal or for a couple of hours after.

Once the patient is numb, the dentist will open the tooth. A root canal procedure is typically carried out because a tooth has become severely decayed or diseased and the pulp is no longer healthy. The dentist will need to create an opening in the top of the tooth so access can be granted.

The dentist will begin removing the diseased tooth tissue right away. This is a somewhat tedious process because the canals of the roots are so small. The dentist will use precise tools that allow them to remove the tissue and clean and reshape the canals so they are ready to be filled.

The filling that is used in a root canal is gutta-percha. This material is the material of choice because it closely mimics the natural pulp tissue. It is able to expand and contract with temperature changes so the tooth will be made stronger and will be protected against damage.

On top of this, the tooth is sealed with a strong sealant material that ensures the tooth is strong enough to stand up to chewing and biting without becoming damaged. In some cases, the tooth will have a crown put over it for further protection.

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