The Varied Designs of Old and New Residential Roofing in Canton MI

When kids ask what residential roofing in Canton, MI was like during Colonial times and when the land was still part of the western frontier, parents may have to do their own research on the subject. The answer to this question depends on the type of house and, to some extent, how much money the property owners could spend on the structure.

Thatched Grass

Roofing for cabins built by pioneers was likely to start out with thatched grasses. That material was used by the first settlers in New England as well since the long grass was readily available and could be dried for this purpose. It’s difficult for kids and adults living in today’s world to believe that a roof made of grass could keep out rain, hail, and snow, but it worked remarkably well.


Roofing during these times also could be made of logs or wooden boards, and these materials often eventually replaced the grass ones as time allowed. It should be remembered that those homes were commonly made of primitive wood or stones that the people harvested. Holes had to be filled in with clay and grass. These homes typically only had one or two rooms, and perhaps a loft upstairs for additional space.

Dutch Colonial and Other Designs

Larger houses might have had flat roofs, steeply slanted ones or other designs. The roofing often was intended to resemble common styles in countries where the settlers had come from.

For instance, residential roofing in Canton, MI for Dutch colonial homes is in the gambrel style or shaped like barn roofs. This design regained popularity in the 20th Century and is relatively common today throughout the Midwest in homes built from the 1970s onward.

Today’s Roofing

Roofers with a company such as New Roof Incorporated can work as subcontractors on new homes, building that top feature in the style that the property owners prefer. They also can change an existing roofing style in an extensive exterior remodeling project.

Homes with a flat roof can benefit from a change to a pitched roof, for example, because the heavy snowfall often is problematic for flat roofs in this region. Visit the website for information on this particular contractor.

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