The Value Of Choosing Private Cloud Computing

In many cases, businesses are surprised to find how affordable cloud solutions are for managing software, security, and storage. Over the last decade, cloud technology has expanded and created a significant number of providers that offer highly secure, affordable cloud computing solutions.

Most businesses use a public cloud option. The public cloud is secure, uses end-to-end encryption, and offers flexibility and scalability at an affordable price. The company only pays for what they use, giving cloud computing a significant benefit over physical dedicated server hosting.

However, in some situations, private cloud computing solutions may be the best option. A private cloud has only one tenant, allowing that entity to control the security and features of the cloud.

High Workload Requirements

Even small businesses in tech-heavy industries require high workload capacity through their system. Choosing private cloud computing allows the company to have access to all the computing capacity offered by the multi-server cloud.

In some businesses, specific applications may require special environments for optimal performance. The flexibility of the cloud provides that option.

Security and Compliance

Through private cloud computing, a business can set the security standards for all users in the system. The level of security is often a factor of regulatory compliance to set standards. For example, HIPAA requires particular security and privacy standards for the protection of patient records and data. The banking and finance sector have their own set of security and privacy compliance standards for data storage and transmittal.

Selecting a private cloud is often more cost effect for these businesses than trying to work within a public or hybrid cloud environment. It also ensures compliance with industry requirements and specific security standards.

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