The Transition From Water to Ice, and Ill-Kept Covers Are the Main Reasons for Pool Repair in Pearland

Pool owners have to keep a close eye on their pool during this particularly abrasive winter. Texas has missed a lot of the storms, but the cold air is keeping people indoors and a little reserved. But, pool owners need to periodically peep around their pool to see if any common symptoms of damage are coming to the surface.

The biggest problem is easily the transition from water to ice. Any mild leaks can accumulate water. During the winter, the water freezes as it is contained in these small orifices of the pool. From there, only one of two things will happen. It will cause cracks and breaks underneath the pool by shifting the construction or it will fade away and disappear by the time the weather warms. It can go either way.

Pool owners should try to keep an eye out for any areas where water could get into the pool. The surface cover of the pool should be checked regularly to see if it is withstanding any winds. Pool owners may want to remove the pool cover once or twice during the season to see if any water is getting in or if any cracks are happening. It may only take a week or two for visible symptoms to appear if there is extensive ice and water damage.

A Pool Repair in Pearland is usually needed because of a lack of common maintenance. It may actually be smart to add water on top of the cover. The purpose is to weight the cover down. The biggest reason damage occurs at all is because of the wind blowing a cover clean off. The pool owners may wait a few days to fix it. By then, ice has accumulated along all the walls.

Another reason pools are damaged is that the pool owners mess around with frozen water. It should never be directly touched. Snow can be removed from the top with a snow rake. Removal of snow should be prompt, but there should be no interaction directly with any ice.

Call us today for recovering from pool damage or getting advice on how to maintain the pool during the season. A Pool Repair in Pearland may have to wait until the ice is cleared out.

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