The Tractor: Basic Types

In Lynden, Washington, as in other states where agriculture is a prominent economic activity, the tractor is an essential source for handling a variety of farming tasks. The term “tractor” refers to many types of vehicles performing farm work. In general, it is a form of machinery used to pull or push a variety of devices that may plow, till, disk, plant or harrow the ground. To meet these different needs, the tractor has evolved over the centuries. The result has been some standard and a few specialty-farming needs.

Types of Tractors

While many non-farming people consider a tractor a tractor, in Washington, those in the business know they can use a variety of tractors. Some are specifically favored for certain jobs. Basic types consist of the following:

* The Standard: The standard tractor goes by several names. It is a “regular” or “wheatland.” The latter, it derives from its use in the wheat fields of the Canadian and American west. This tractor features fixed wheels, It also has a lower center of gravity. It allows them stability while plowing and performing other heavy field tasks.

* Row Crop Tractors: This tractor has an adjustable rear tread. This lets it maneuver down rows of planted crops while cultivating without causing any damage. A tricycle or narrow version may have only one front wheel or two placed very close together. The rear wheels also have their own brakes, therefore increasing their ability to pivot. They can, however, be unstable because of the design and rollovers can result. This type of tractor dominated from the 1930s to the 1950s. It is uncommon today to find tricycle tractors in Lynden

* High Crop: With drop-down rear axles and high front axles, this is the ideal tractor for growing flowers, various nursery plants and vegetables and cotton cultivation. The feature high ground clearance makes them perfect for this task. Antiques of this type are rare and fetch high prices.
Farmers may also use other types of tractors. These include a general or utility tractor for everyday use. These are small tractors easy to turn but still larger than garden or lawn tractors.

Hooray for the Tractor

Tractors are an essential tool for any farmer. They perform tasks that range from lifting hay to spreading manure. In Lynden, Washington, they are a common sight pulling or pushing various other pieces of equipment. In fat, you could argue that a farm is truly not a farm without a tractor.

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