The Top Qualities to Look for in a Casino Rental Provider

Thinking about hosting a casino-themed party? These events can be incredibly exciting, combining all the fun of a night out at a high-end casino, without the risk of losing your entire bankroll at the roulette table. However, if you want to really pull this even off, you’ll need to work with the right casino rental provider. How do you find the right company? What should they offer?

The Right Games

Obviously, one of the first areas of comparison with any casino rental provider will be the games that they can provide. Really, the sky should be the limit here. You should have access to craps tables, blackjack and 21 tables, roulette wheels and tables, poker tables, slot machines and more. Really, it’s all about creating an authentic casino look and feel, and that means having access to real tables and games.

Real Clay Chips

All too often, casino rental providers offer fake, plastic chips. They’re light, flimsy, and obviously fake. Clay chips, on the other hand, have the heft of authentic casino chips. They also feature the same colors, patterns and textures as the real thing. Authentic clay casino chips up the authenticity of your event and ensure that your guests are reeled in to the experience.

Custom Money

Cash is an integral part of gambling, but you don’t want your guests to play with their real money. The right casino rental provider will offer custom money printing to supply your event. This “funny” money can feature almost any design you might want. In addition to being used in your gambling event, that money can also be used as a keepsake to remember the experience.


Finally, make sure that the casino rental company you ultimately choose can provide you with a professional photographer for the evening. There’s nothing quite like a high-quality photo of the evening to ensure that your guests remember the event for years to come.

At Casino Rentals, LLC, we strive to ensure that your casino-themed events are as fun and enjoyable as possible. We offer the widest range of tables and table games, slot machines and more. We can even custom print funny money for your gambling event. We invite you to call us today at 888-340-1873 to learn more about our rental options, or to discuss your upcoming event and how we can help. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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