The Soft Embrace of Symphony

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Home Improvement

There is an ambiance that begins with beautiful creations that appear within the elements and contours of interior design. The artistic layers of flooring, window treatments and wall covers all work effortlessly to enhance the inner concept of the design appeal. This is only accomplished with the help of the most sought after designers and creative concepts that are available this day and age. Leading the industry in luxury, fun, excitement, energy and wall appeal is the Symphony line. The quality and charm of this amazing ensemble is intensified by the various tones, designs and personalities that transpire through its features. The brand intimately embraces the walls that it covers and delivers the most heart-warming décor that has ever evolved.

Kindness Escorts Quality

Symphony is an extremely good quality brand of wall covering that prides its appearance with certain contributions of safety as well. The products are developed with inks that are strong and possess low levels of vinyl emissions. There are also some of the materials that include a little less than 50% of recyclable material. The presence of VOC’s truly enhances the quality of the Symphony line and makes it very safe and kind to the surroundings. These items have ranked Class A in in the standard ratings of Cal and are a great factor for LEED point accumulation. The combination of quality and safety levels make this an ideal or better than ideal in most cases, approach to complete an upscale design with attention given to detail at every phase of the design.

Beauty Marks the Spot

The goal of most successful interior designers is to introduce a product or brand to the project that will leave the client better than satisfied. The Symphony brand has the ability to deliver the wow factor and present itself worthy of the most detailed requirements. The pride of the brand is deeply embedded in the vibrant varieties of colors and exquisite designs with options to satisfy every palate of taste in creativity. Bright hues that are embossed with treasure hidden tones and symbols can bring life to any setting or design concept. The calm or earth inspired tones will work wonders in a serene or professional type design element. There are numerous of design concepts and ideas that come to life in the presence of the Symphony brand. No design is ever left uninspired with an approach as striking as this brand.

Symphony wall coverings add ambiance and inspiration to the designs of architects, builders and designers around the world. Wolf Gordon appreciates the quality of versatile design concepts.

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