The signs and symptoms of heroin addiction

Heroin addiction is a chronic disorder; it is characterized by uncontrollable behavior caused by changes in the brain. Heroin is extremely addictive; it is sourced for the Asian poppy. The substance that is gathered from the poppy is refined into morphine and then with further refining and modifying, it becomes heroin. Even though heroin abuse is known to be a high risk exercise, use in the US is still high.

Why do people turn to heroin?

Those that suffer from heroin addiction in New Jersey use the drug because it gives them immediate pleasure; the feelings that heroin addiction elicit include:

  *     A surge of pleasure, this is referred to as the “rush”

  *     The impression that the arms and legs are working in slow motion

  *     An increase in confidence, and

  *     A feeling of absolute calm

The many negative effects of heroin abuse:

Once an individual begins using heroin he or she can quickly build up a tolerance to the drug, this in turn causes a dependence on it which quickly turns into a full blown addiction.

Tolerance: An indication of tolerance to heroin is the need for more and more of it, and of a higher quality. Often the individual will turn to different ways to deliver the drug in an effort to get the same reaction.

Dependence: When it becomes necessary to use heroin to feel normal, the user has become dependent on the drug.

Addiction: Addiction is the stage where the user will increase his or her effort to get access to the drug regardless of the problems the addiction creates.

Heroin addiction in New Jersey is often at the core of troubled relationships with ones partner, difficulties at work, financial problems and trouble with the law. Heroin addiction is directly linked with numerous physical and emotional problems that range from risk of infectious disease, depression and dramatic changes in personality.

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