The Roller Grinder – Agriculture and Mining Applications

When our forefathers first came to this country and began working the land, they were limited by the primitive tools they had available. Only able to work from sunup to sundown and hampered by non-mechanical simple tools, such as the hand plow and hoe, many farmers were forced to maintain small, unprofitable farms, as that was all that they could comfortably manage.

The development of tools and simple machines has allowed farmers to expand the size of their crops and how quickly they can get them planted and harvested. Processing after the fact has also advanced significantly. The roller grinder or mill has made it far easier for farmers to grind grains into flours and meals. The ability to adequately plant and process feed grains in higher volumes allows farmers to keep larger stables of animals than they have in the past.

Single High Roller Grinder
Single high roller mills are ideally suited for cracking grains to feed to cattle, sheep and horses. They are appropriate for use in grinding corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, sorghum and barley. There are numerous sizes of rollers available and the roll size, combined with the size of the machine and the options that are added to the machine, determine the capabilities of the machine, including the volume that can be processed by each particular machine hourly.

Two High Roller Grinder
Similar to the single high grinders, these machines can vary based on the roller size. These machines can take larger rolls than the single high and combined with larger motors, are capable of processing at a much higher rate than the single machine. Machine capacity more than doubles with the addition of the second roll.

The rolls for both machines are manufactured out of a special alloy of high strength steel. With a Brinell hardness of 400 (for some sizes) or a Rockwell hardness of 52-55 (for all others), the rolls are capable of maintaining their shape when a nut or bolt accidentally falls into the machine. The special alloy of steel used in making the rolls, also helps to provide superior corrosion resistance, which is vital when processing grains with high moisture content and prevents the rolls from rusting.

H. C. Davis Sons Manufacturing Company, Inc. has been building grinding equipment for over 100 years for many different purposes.

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