The Right Way to Pour Your Favorite Craft Beers from Vancouver Breweries

If you’ve ever come home with a few of your favorite craft beers, plus a few new ones to try out, it’s pretty likely that unless you work in the industry, your first instinct is to crack open a bottle and take a sip. But craft beer should be poured into other vessels in order to be enjoyed to the fullest extent, and we’re here with some tips on what type of glassware or vessel to use for what type of craft beer. Do you have to drink your beer from a glass instead of the can? Of course not. But it is the only way to taste 100% of the notes and flavors in the beer, and it just looks cool.

  • If your favorite craft beer is an IPA, a Saison, or a Belgian, try a tulip-shaped glass to get a good foamy head. This helps develop the aroma of these beers.
  • If you visited some Vancouver breweries that specialize in wheat beers, you also want to develop a large head. Try a Weizen glass, which is tall with a wider upper area.
  • If you are a stout or barleywine drinker, a snifter is the way to go. This helps to develop the very strong flavors in these beers.
  • Anything that is carbonated, like a Goses, fruit beer, or sour, should be poured into a flute to maintain the carbonation.
  • It’s pretty obvious that a pilsner glass is for pilsner beer, but this narrow type of glass also works really well for light beer in general. Try it with lagers and blonde ales.
  • If you’ve got a pale or brown ale, an English bitter, or a porter, a simple shaker pint works perfectly.

Honestly, do you really need all these types of glasses? Probably not. Many of them are very versatile, like the shaker pint. This can suit a wide variety of craft beer from your favorite Vancouver breweries. But it is true that using the correct glass for your beer can make the aroma and flavors more pronounced, and why bother drinking craft beer if you don’t plan to enjoy all the unique characteristics? Choose a few glasses based on what you drink the most and surprise yourself with how much more you can taste.

If you have any beer-related questions about the right type of glassware for your favorite brew, drop us a line

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