The Reasons People Choose Thigh High Support Hose in Pittsburgh, PA

Compression stockings help to relieve pressure and pain, speed up the healing process after surgery and can help to treat or prevent varicose veins. The wearers of these stockings may choose them because of a doctor recommendation or begin using the product because they want to improve their leg comfort and circulation. There are a variety of lengths and styles of stockings available, but many women prefer thigh-high compression hose. Here are the reasons why this is the best option for some people.

Help Where Needed

Thigh High Support Hose in Pittsburgh PA is used by people that have a medical problem above the knee. Patients that undergo vein treatments for varicose or spider veins in the thigh area need longer stockings. Lymphedema patients also often have swelling that extends beyond the knee and requires a long stocking to cover the area. Even a pregnancy could be the reason why longer stockings are suggested.

Match an Outfit

Thigh high stockings are also worn when the individual wants something fashionable. There are many colors of stockings as well as nude or tan to help match the compression wear to any outfit. Thigh High Support Hose in Pittsburgh PA is helpful for people that want to wear dresses and skirts and worry that the edges will be visible if they use knee-high stockings.

Easier Daily Wear

Compression pantyhose can also provide upper leg compression, but there are reasons people choose to use thigh-highs instead. The decision is sometimes a fashion choice, but it also has to do with personal comfort and convenience. Lowering and raising compression pantyhose can be difficult for someone with impaired dexterity. It is also a time-consuming process that people may not want to attempt in a public restroom.

The best compression stocking is the one that covers the affected area and is comfortable to the wearer. In most cases, thigh-highs can replace either calf or knee-length socks or pantyhose. It is always a good idea to check with a doctor to make certain there is no medical reason to not wear thigh-highs. To see the styles available, including foot-less stockings, visit the McArdle Surgical website.

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