The Proper Way to Handle Hazardous Waste Disposal in Oklahoma

For those who have Hazardous Waste Disposal in Oklahoma to take care of, it is a process that has to be handled with care. People cannot just dump used oil or hazardous chemicals down into the sewer or in vacant lots, as the environmental impact could be severe.

When customers need to dispose of hazardous waste, Contact ORI Environmental to get an idea of the process and planning that goes into it. Customers will need a company that specializes in all facets of disposing of hazardous materials. This can run the gamut from oil recycling to liquid waste riddance to industrial tank cleaning.

With oil recycling, customers should ask the company they want to use what happens to the oil once it leaves their facility. They want to find a company that adheres strictly to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as State of Oklahoma standards and specifications. This includes testing the oil, manifesting it, and tracking the oil from start to finish. They should also seek a company that has a facility where they can process the oil and then turn it into an alternative source of energy. Oil filters can also be recycled, and customers should be able to be provided with containers that are environmentally safe to collect them in. They should find a company that is then equipped to turn these into bricks which can aid in recovering used oil.

There are instances when Hazardous Waste Disposal in Oklahoma can entail more then just oil recycling. This may entail antifreeze disposal, which when done correctly can be treated to recover any reusable glycol. Customers should inquire if the company they want to use has vacuum trucks, which can be used to remove and then dispose of bulk liquid wastes as well as sludge. If folks are in need of chemical removal, they should make sure that the technicians they may hire are trained in how to transport and identify the waste. They should try to locate a company that has experience in industrial cleaning, hazardous material spill cleaning, and in tank cleaning. Finding a firm that can handle environmental consulting such as ground water testing can be helpful and also save the customers big savings and future problems.

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