The Pitfalls of Paper Reviews: How Performance Review Software Can Help

It’s that time of year again – time to complete that dreaded annual review. As you sift through a thick stack of papers and answer hundreds of long, tiresome and drawn out questions, you’re probably thinking – “isn’t there a better way”? The answer is yes – and it’s called performance review software.  Paper reviews have several pitfalls – all of which can be curbed with the use of this electronic software in the workplace.


When it comes to running a business, there is nothing more valuable that time. Time, in many markets, translates directly into money – and money drives our public marketplace. Let’s face it – paper reviews are daunting. They take a significant of time to sort through and complete – and when it comes to the business world, who has time for that? With performance review software, paper reviews are a thing of the past. Performance review software enables human resource departments to conduct fast, easy and efficient reviews without wasting a whole lot of precious time doing so.

Difficulty Levels

In addition to being time consuming, paper reviews aren’t always the easiest to fill out. Not every employee operates on the same level – and for some, filling out a standardized paper review may be challenging. The questions may seem objective and be hard to understand. Not only does this cause confusion, but it compromises the integrity of the feedback, as well. Performance review software is easy to use, understand and navigate; thoroughly engaging employees and soliciting reliable and trustworthy feedback.


With paper surveys and feedback forms, data is everywhere. There may be age old data forms stored in random file cabinets, in locked bins and in other forsaken areas of the office – who knows where everything is! With paper reviews, not only is it difficult to keep tabs on all the paperwork, but it is challenging to track pertinent data, as well. Rather than sifting through feedback forms and analyzing each and every little thing, performance review software does the work for you. It provides a convenient, all-in-one platform for data to be logged and tracked accurately and efficiently.


Paper reviews can also be difficult to share. Performance review software allows human resource employees to collect, analyze and store data in an efficient and meaningful way – giving them the ability to quickly share data with others. Such platforms provide one easy to use, convenient online location in which they can access information and share it with other appropriate parties.

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