The Most Efficient Ways to Approach Elevator Modernization in Washington DC

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Business

An elevator can make accessing the different levels of a building easy for staff, and can ensure any structure meets accessibility requirements. Other than yearly inspections, most elevators are designed to operate for years without needing major maintenance. Because of their long life expectancy, most building managers choose to modernize existing elevator systems rather than replacing them with all new equipment. It is a cost effective way to keep an elevator operational and will help ensure it matches any other building upgrades that may take place. Here are a few items to consider replacing during Elevator Modernization in Washington DC.

Call Buttons and User Interface

The most used part of any lift is the call system used to summon the elevator. Most buttons will be pressed hundreds of times a day, and most systems will start showing signs of wear and tear in these parts first. An elevator company will be able to replace the call buttons and give any elevator system a like new appearance.

Elevator Interior

The interior of an elevator can take a great deal of abuse. Scuff marks can build up on lower sections, and large items that are moved in the elevators can damage wall and floor surfaces. By replacing the interior components, any elevator can be given a new appearance that will look better and make passengers feel more confident about riding in it. Talk to a company about Elevator Modernization in Washington DC and see the full line of interior options available.

Elevator Car Cables

The cables that are used to raise and lower the cars will operate without issue for many years, but may start to produce abnormal creaking sounds that will make riders wary. Even though functionally they are adequate, most elevator companies recommend replacing cables after 10 years of use. This will keep an elevator from sounding dangerous and allow visitors to ride with confidence.

Don’t wait to have an elevator modernized. The lift system experts at Elevator Technologies Inc. have been maintaining and installing elevator systems in the DC area for more than 40 years. Talk to them today and see how they can make any elevator look better and operate more dependably. They make the process of maintaining an elevator an easy and worry-free task.

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