The Most Common Procedures Performed By Dentists In Annapolis

One of the most overlooked aspects of a person’s overall health is their smile, and while it may not seem like a significant concern, failing to take care of one’s oral health properly may lead to severe issues, including cavities and gum disease. Dentists Annapolis are doctors that are trained in both primary and advanced oral science and are the first line of defense from a lifetime of tooth and gum problems. The following is a look at the services they commonly perform and how they allow a person to have a stunning smile.

Routine Cleanings

Few things are as useful in preventing cavities as regular cleanings and x-rays. The procedure is usually performed by a dental assistant, and the doctor will later conduct a thorough inspection of the teeth and gums and inform the patient of any issues that should be addressed. It is recommended to have a cleaning once every 6-months and a full set of x-rays every 3-years for optimal results.


A filling is a standard procedure, and it is typically done as a result of a tooth that is full of decay. Dentists Annapolis will first numb the affected area so that there is minimal discomfort for the patient. Then, they will drill out the infected tooth and clean it before filling the now vacant space with an amalgam material that provides the look and feel of a real tooth.

Scaling and Root Planing

When a patient is diagnosed with an advanced form of gingivitis, a standard cleaning may not offer the level of plaque removal that is needed. Instead, a dentist will use a scaling and planing procedure. The dentist will first use a metal device to scrape away buildup from the tooth that is below the gum line, and may also plane the gums to help facilitate healing and prevent the reoccurrence of accumulation in the future.

Preventative measures do a lot to help a person keep their teeth in the best shape possible. The team at Annapolis Dental Associates offers care for adults and children and provides a caring and compassionate atmosphere that helps to calm those with anxiety. Browse Site to learn more and tackle oral health issues once and for all.

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