The Most Common Furnace Repair Issues In Roswell

While furnaces in Roswell certainly don’t get the work all winter long like furnaces in the northern part of the country, they are still a necessity for keeping your home or commercial building cozy and comfortable during the colder months.

In this area of the country, most homes will have electric furnaces, but there are gas furnaces as well. Both of these types of furnaces tend to be very reliable and dependable and, particularly with the newer models, also very energy efficient. However, as with any type of system or piece of equipment, there can be issues that occur that require repairs.

To help homeowners in understanding the most common issues in furnace repair, here are 3 problems that are the most often seen by HVAC companies in the area.

System Failure

When the furnace just doesn’t come on there can be several reasons that are the cause of the system failure. Before calling in furnace repair, check to make sure there is power to the furnace, and the breaker has not been tripped. Also, check to make sure the thermostat has not been set to a low temperature, something that is often done by mistake on an app or through a pre-programmed setting error.

With a gas furnace that is coming on but blowing cold air, check to make sure the pilot light is on.

Constant Cycling

A furnace that is running correctly and efficiently will turn on, heat up the home and cycle off. Furnaces that are not getting enough air or that have worn or damaged parts and components may continuously cycle on and off. In some cases, thermostat issues can also be to blame or overheating of the heat exchanger can lead to what is known as short cycling.

Increased Noises

Many Roswell homeowners don’t stop to think of the possible reasons for unusual noises in the furnace. Bangs, rattling, squeezing or whining noises can all be problems with bearings, fans, motors or with blowers.

Early furnace repair can help to catch these issues before they become more costly and more significant.

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