The Many Benefits of Hiring a Transfer Agent For Your Utah Company

For any company, keeping shareholders informed and happy is a huge task. The good news is that hiring a stock transfer firm can help enormously. Not only will they work directly with your shareholders, but they will also keep records and be available to help if you are audited. Furthermore, they can handle very specific tasks such as taking care of Form D filings, which frees up your own employees.

Many Benefits

There are many records that go along with having shareholders, and some of these are extremely detailed. That’s why it’s best to have a specialist deal with them. A stock transfer company can handle the literally millions of documents that are associated with the many shareholders of any public company.

Sometimes shareholders demand detailed statements, and they are often impatient to get them. It’s best to let a stock transfer company handle this because your own team is busy running your company. A good stock transfer company stays up to date on the latest uses of technology in finance, and they will invest in the appropriate software so that you don’t have to. The right firm will also be skilled at old-fashioned customer service and can talk with your stockholders.

Furthermore, a stock transfer company can set up and run stockholder meetings. They can also issue proxy statements. For an experienced and trusted stock transfer company that can handle it all from Form D filings to dividend distributions, visit the website of Colonial Stock Transfer Compnay. at

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