The Main Reasons for Using Skilled Title & Closing Services in Onsted, MI

Buying a home should be an exciting endeavor that springs few if any surprises. In particular, you want to avoid finding out that anything could be wrong with you taking complete ownership of the place.

Rather than bank the entire transaction on the word of a real estate broker or lawyer, you need to do your research and find out if anyone could lay claim or anything could disrupt the home that you are about to buy. These reasons explain why you should hire professional title & closing services in Onsted, MI before you put money down on a new house.

Routing Out Entitled Owners

The service that you hire can find out if anyone else has their name on the title to the home. If someone has a rightful claim to the home, they could prevent you from buying it. They also may have no obligation to refund money that you paid down the mortgage company.

Discovering Owed Back Taxes

You also need to know if the home is on the market freely or if there are back taxes owed on it. The rightful owner before you buy the place needs to pay off the tax debt before you close.

These are just a few reasons why it is necessary to bring in title & closing services in Onsted, MI to your home buying transaction. You can learn more by contacting Prestige Title Insurance Agency.

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