The Importance of Seeking DUI Advice in Morgantown, WV After an Arrest

The plans for this evening did not include having one too many drinks and climbing behind the wheel. They certainly didn’t include being pulled over and having an escort to the local jail. With a court date pending, now is the time to seek DUI advice in Morgantown, WV from an attorney. Here are some of the reasons why it pays to get advice instead of trying to go it alone.

Understanding Current Laws and How They Apply

People who are not attorneys have a vague understanding of current laws related to driving under the influence. After going over the police report and talking with the client, the lawyer can provide the type of DUI advice in Morgantown, WV that the client needs. That will begin with outlining which laws apply and how a judge is likely to interpret the evidence. This is important since the client needs to understand what is likely to happen during the hearing.

Preparing a Defense

Depending on the circumstances, the lawyer may have some room to plan a defense that provides the client with the opportunity for the best possible outcome. For example, this may be a first offense. Prior to the arrest, the client had no traffic violations of any kind. The lawyer may be able to highlight this fact and provide the judge with justification for passing the lightest sentence possible under the current laws.

Being Present in the Courtroom

Having the lawyer present for the hearing is crucial. While the facts of the case seem to be clear, there’s always the chance that some additional information may come to light. The lawyer will be able to confer with the client and determine the best way to respond.

Never take an arrest for driving under the influence lightly. Browse our website today and arrange to speak with an attorney. Make sure to provide complete disclosure about everything that took place during the evening in question, even if some of that information is a little embarrassing. Doing so will make it easier for the attorney to objectively evaluate the situation and offer advice that proves helpful during the hearing.

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