The Importance of Professional Tree Trimming Service in Norwich, CT

Most people trim their trees for aesthetic purposes. Small branches against a window, for example, may detract from the elegance of the exterior. Lower branches may be interfering with the flowers planted around the trunk. Removing a dead limb makes the tree appear healthy and strong.

Professional tree trimming service in Norwich, CT is about much more than aesthetics. Well-maintained trees will add to the beauty and value of the property. They can also provide shade, privacy, and a barrier between yards. There are many other reasons to have trees trimmed by certified arborists.

Prolonging the Life of the Tree

Trimming removes weak, insect-infested, and dead limbs. Yes, that makes the tree look better, but it also prevents further damage to the tree. Losing a few limbs, or even large branches, will often safe the tree from rotting at the trunk.

Trimming can also increase the production of fruit, flowers, and leaves. Having trees fertilized, fed, and pruned regularly will also keep them healthy for decades. Property owners can call to schedule a free, on-site consultation to determine what services and maintenance are appropriate. Planting of new trees can also be strategically planned for desired outcomes. Free estimates will reflect affordable pricing.


Dead branches can break with no warning. The weight and pressure of the branch, along with gravity, make it unpredictable. Personal injury is a possibility if someone happens to be under the branch when it falls.

Branches over the house, car, or outbuildings can cause damage in high winds, heavy snow, or torrential rains. Tree trimming service in Norwich, CT can eliminate those hazards before damage occurs. Structural damage is expensive to repair, and a vehicle may not be covered by insurance if the storm is ruled an “act of God.”

Trimming is affordable and proactive, which lowers liability risks. Limbs can also interfere with power lines. That creates a fire hazard and can bring down lines in adverse weather. Cutting off certain limbs can avoid that situation. It may also give the tree a unique shape or look.

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