The Importance of Oral Surgery in Effingham IL to Remove Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Practitioners of Oral Surgery in Effingham IL remove impacted wisdom teeth, which are third molars that cannot grow through the gum tissue normally. They can be blocked because they are growing in crooked or even sideways. These teeth cannot be extracted with the usual more straightforward method since the main part of the tooth is still underneath the gum line.

A Preventive Measure

Third molars that have grown in normally sometimes are extracted as a preventive measure since they are prone to developing cavities and infections. Their location so far back in the mouth makes it difficult to brush and floss thoroughly. This is essentially an elective procedure, although dentists may recommend it. In contrast, impacted third molars should be removed with Oral Surgery Alberta because they are very likely to develop improperly and cause serious problems.

For example, wisdom teeth growing in crooked push the existing teeth together. Many mouths simply do not have enough room for all these teeth to fit without crowding. Impacted teeth are at higher risk of root or gum infection, and sometimes cysts develop around the teeth. The individual may feel chronic discomfort in the back of the mouth due to the impaction.

A Reason to Avoid Waiting

Sometimes, impacted third molars never lead to problems, so the dental patient might want to wait and only have an extraction done if anything goes wrong. However, waiting until a problem occurs can have additional negative effects because removing these teeth later than age 30 is more difficult. The jawbone has become less flexible by then, and the teeth roots have grown to their full length. This is a reason that most young adults have the procedure done at a clinic like The Center For Jaw and Facial Surgery P.C. before then.

Concluding Thoughts

Patients may have heard about complications that make them nervous about oral surgery. For instance, about 10 percent of patients develop a painful condition known as dry socket after wisdom tooth extraction. The blood clot that should stay in the root socket during healing comes out, and the empty socket is distinctly uncomfortable. Fortunately, this issue is temporary and easily treated.

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