The Importance Of Having A Jacksonville, FL Family Attorney

Not all divorces are high conflict, and some come to a mutual agreement – with both the husband and wife wishing to end the relationship. When these types of divorces occur in Jacksonville, FL, it isn’t uncommon for the couple to assume this level of collaboration to continue throughout the process of the divorce.

Unfortunately, for most couples, there isn’t always that mutual agreement with all areas of the divorce. Often issues with children, with the co-parenting plan or even in fair division of property and assets trigger feelings of anger or frustration. This quickly spills over into other areas of the divorce, in which previously agreed upon issues often turn into a source of conflict.

To avoid this possible downturn in the relationship, involving a family attorney early in the process can help to address issues proactively and provide a structured, effective way to have discussions to develop a settlement plan.

Recognize Early Signs of Conflict

The advantage to having an experienced family attorney in the divorce process is to recognize potential issues and early signs of conflict before they become unmanageable. Through the use of the attorneys for the parties of the divorce, it is possible to separate the emotion from the discussion, allowing for issues to be resolved.

Additionally, an experienced family attorney will point out potentially high-conflict issues and work with their client to create an approach to the issue that will minimize the risk of a negative response from the other party.

Provide Legal Advice

In some situations, one or both parties to the divorce may not have a clear understanding of the legal issues around the divorce. By having an attorney involved, all legal requirements for the divorce will be met -even if the case is resolved in mediation and doesn’t end up going in front of the court.

Avoiding these types of issues will lower the risk of conflict in any divorce in Jacksonville, FL. Having an attorney on your side ensures that the divorce will be fair and meet all requirements of the court.

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